Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bad Week

This week started out OK. I was going to move sheep camp, get some house cleaning done, and generally be productive. Then it struck. Seamus started out as a little warm. By midnight he had a fever of 101 and was throwing up. It lasted for three days, with the fever getting up to 102 and lots of messiness.

Finally he started feeling better. He was crawling around and playing. Then it happened. He knocked over the TV tray and smashed his poor little finger in the legs. Off to the ER we went. The Dr. said his finger should heal up well and wrapped his hand up like a club for three days. While the Dr was wrapping up Seamusy's hand, he said that Seamus was exceptionally good. Apparently most people with this kind of injury are drunk men.

Now Seamus seems to be feeling better and we will see how his finger heals over the next couple of weeks. Poor baby.