Monday, December 18, 2006

Baby Carriers

One of the things that got me through the first year with Siobhan was a baby carrier. She refused to be put down or be held by anyone but me. It was almost impossible to get anything done. Then I discovered the baby carrier world. I had an old Snuggli of my Mom's circa 1978 (used with me) and a Baby Bjorn, loaned to me by my SIL. They were both heavy and hard on my back. So I looked online. Behold the one hundred thousand options.

I used several.
The mexican style wrap.

The first one I tried was polyester and rough on my poor baby's skin. But I liked how easy it was to use.

A stretchy wrap, which got rave reviews, but was not for me.. S I traded it for an Ellaroo

I kept this. It is beautiful and comfortable, but not in my regular rotation.

Then I got on e-bay and bought a homemade pouch style carrier. I loved the convenience so much that I tried several different kinds. New Native, Happy Slings, Hotslings are all great brands, but I use my e-bay pouch and the Happy Slings ones almost exclusively. I also have a spectacular Comfy Joey silk dress pouch. I like the pouch for easy of use and lack of bulkiness. I use them for blankets, changing pads, burping clothes, sun shields and of course as a carrier. It fits neatly in my diaper bag, but is not comfortable for long periods of use with a heavy baby.

Mei Tai
I made a Mei Tai style carrier. I used that one a lot for hiking in the woods and working in the corrals. I loved the convenience and superior comfort. I then bought a Kozy carrier (in my opinion the best carrier for long hauls out there.

I have to framed backpack carriers. Both have pluses and minuses. I have a Tough Traveler. It is less bulky, but less comfortable. It is the one I use on the ranch. If I have to be working in the corral or jumping in and out of the truck, this one is great. I also have a Deuter II. This one is for the long haul. When we go hiking, or on vacation, to the zoo; this is the carrier we use. It has big pockets for diapers and stuff. But it is bulky. I do not want to haul it with me in the truck.

I realize that this seems like a lot of carriers. I have sold or traded the ones I do not use and I do not have a big stroller. I have two $15 umbrella strollers, which are rarely used. Siobhan hated them, and Seamus has not been anywhere suitable for strollers yet. We will try in out, but we have so few opportunities that are suitable for strollers I doubt he will like them either.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baby Stress

Today I was trying to finish up the laundry room. Soon we will be getting a new wood burning stove. It will take a major change in the layout of the room to put it in the only appropriate place for it. Which means I need to finish cleaning out the room.

However, that is hard to do with a baby and a toddler. Seamus decided he wanted to be held and payed attention to all day. Siobhan has not been sleeping well so she was running around all afternoon getting into stuff. She had to be supervised alot. She did not want to fold laundry. Oh well, I addressed xmas cards instead. That needed to be done also. Siobhan went to bed early tonight, so things will be better tomorrow.

I read somewhere that parents have less day to day happiness, but more joy over their lives. I know that the terrible twos will pass and she will grow up to be a reasonable person. I just have to wait. I also miss this time with Seamus. He loves me without reservation, and only I can meet his needs. Imiss that with siobhan. Nursing is one of my greatest joys and I can't imagine not feeding my babies.

I will go to bed and tomorrow will be a fresh day.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Siobhan has decided to play with scissors. She cut all of the hair on the back of her head. She looked pretty ragged for several days. Then I went ahead and got it cut. It is really cute. I think she looks a lot like Eamon. I will post pictures as soon as I get them downloaded. All in all it was probably a good call to cut it. Since she won't let anyone brush it, Now she looks a little less disheveled.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Lately Siobhan won't go to bed. She just won't. She is still going strong a midnight. I don't know how to get her to stay in bed at bedtime. We got used to having some time in the evenings to relax and now we have lost that time. The kids get up when we do and go to bed when we do and I need to figure out how to give Siobhan a bedtime. I let her watch 'toons in order to get time to get things done, but I feel like she is watching too much TV.

We went to church today and Siobhan was not quiet and reserved. Luckily at church everyone likes the kids there. I enjoy church, but it is hard to get the message with the kids there. Linda did the service today and she did a very good job, as always.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Old McDonald

In our family, Old McDonald (OMD) is a very important person. Not only does he run a fast food restaurant that has toys and a playplace, but he runs the strangest farm around.

In the car we sing OMD a lot. I usually start out as usual
Old McDonald had a farm EIEIO.
And on that farm he had a (here I ask Siobhan what Old McDonald had)
The responses are varied and sometimes non farm like
Rainbow (shimmer or sparkle)
Nightgown (shh-shh)
Tractor (vroom-vroom or grumble)
Truck (vroom-vroom)
Llama (spit)
Bunny Rabbit (jump jump)
Elk (Bugle)
Deer (Jump)
Antelope (Run)
Daddy (waby)
I will update any new and interesting ones.

Thursday, November 30, 2006


So Cyclone has been born. Seamus is very uncyclone like (for a 5 month old). He does not move nearly as much as Siobhan did. He likes to be held by anyone and is smiley (with his one tooth). Seamus rode his first saddle yesterday (on Papa's lap).

As anyone who knows me knows, I am a TERRIBLE housekeeper. I am trying to do better. I took seven bags to Goodwill. It is a start. I am going to get bins moved up to the attic, so Brian can reclaim the garage.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


This is my first post. We are going to use this spot to post pictures and updates to the Lally Family. Meghan, Brian, Siobhan, and yet to be born Cyclone.