Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baby Stress

Today I was trying to finish up the laundry room. Soon we will be getting a new wood burning stove. It will take a major change in the layout of the room to put it in the only appropriate place for it. Which means I need to finish cleaning out the room.

However, that is hard to do with a baby and a toddler. Seamus decided he wanted to be held and payed attention to all day. Siobhan has not been sleeping well so she was running around all afternoon getting into stuff. She had to be supervised alot. She did not want to fold laundry. Oh well, I addressed xmas cards instead. That needed to be done also. Siobhan went to bed early tonight, so things will be better tomorrow.

I read somewhere that parents have less day to day happiness, but more joy over their lives. I know that the terrible twos will pass and she will grow up to be a reasonable person. I just have to wait. I also miss this time with Seamus. He loves me without reservation, and only I can meet his needs. Imiss that with siobhan. Nursing is one of my greatest joys and I can't imagine not feeding my babies.

I will go to bed and tomorrow will be a fresh day.

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