Friday, December 01, 2006

Old McDonald

In our family, Old McDonald (OMD) is a very important person. Not only does he run a fast food restaurant that has toys and a playplace, but he runs the strangest farm around.

In the car we sing OMD a lot. I usually start out as usual
Old McDonald had a farm EIEIO.
And on that farm he had a (here I ask Siobhan what Old McDonald had)
The responses are varied and sometimes non farm like
Rainbow (shimmer or sparkle)
Nightgown (shh-shh)
Tractor (vroom-vroom or grumble)
Truck (vroom-vroom)
Llama (spit)
Bunny Rabbit (jump jump)
Elk (Bugle)
Deer (Jump)
Antelope (Run)
Daddy (waby)
I will update any new and interesting ones.

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