Saturday, February 03, 2007


Yesterday Brian, the kids and I went out to Powder. I honestly thought we would drop off the groceries, see the lams and head home. Silly me! When we got there Oscar told me that the generator had died. We finally managed to find a 240 cord to hook up for the backup generator (robbing it from another well). Then we blew the fuse in the generator. We decided to head home, get another fuse and bring it back today. When I got back into the truck to go home, Siobhan was covered in hives. I called the clinic and Ron and Rhonda offered to wait an hour for us. (Thank goodness for small towns.)

We all agreed that, yes, she had hives. Ron was able to track down some liquid Benedryl. We gave it to her and it seemed to do the trick. Siobhan woke up this morning with a few hives, so I gave her more meds. It helped, but less than last night. So I went ahead and headed back out to Powder. The generator needed to be fixed so that the sheep could get water. It was not something that could be put off another day.

Halfway there, Siobhan got bad again so I gave her another dose. Worked less again. We fixed the generator and she was looking awful (swollen lips and cheeks, hives everywhere, etc.). I called the pediatrician. While on the phone I hear, "Mommy, my tummy hurts!" Then Brian tells me that she had thrown up. Ugh!!

Red popsicle, apple sauce, pop tarts, milk and pediasure are gross when regurgitated. The Dr. tells me to take her into the emergency room. So we head for Craig. An hour later she is asleep and the hives have gone down (of course). I swear they knew we were headed for town. Luckily Dr. Riley (the ER doc who Brian and I love, but who is never accepting new patients) believed me. Then the hives returned. Siobhan got prednisone, Zantac and Zyrtec and instructions to return if the hives don't go away in four days. Four days!!!

Apparently the Prednisone will make her hyper and the Zyrtec should make her sleep. I really don't want to mix the timing up on them. Wish me luck!

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