Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pulling up

Seamus pulled himself from crawling (or inching) around to standing at his piano by himself. This is a big step and he is becoming a big boy. I am always excited to see new milestones for my kids, but I miss how little they were.

Siobhan was a VERY clingy baby, but is an extremely independent toddler. She prefers to stay with her grandparents at night and loves to play alone, with her friends and with her brudder. I am fairly low on the list right now. I know that she will grow up to be a strong adult because I let her grow up, but I miss my baby. There were several months where I couldn't put her down, much less hand her to someone else, and now that is over forever.

Seamus has always been happy to go to others, but he is less likely to just crawl off exploring. He likes to be able to see me. He prefers standing to sitting or laying down, but I can see that he is becoming more independent also. How do our babies grow so big so quickly?

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